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Cooking is one of my passions. As a vegetarian for over 30 years, I strive to make flavorful and colorful dishes that carnivores will devour. My dishes are all vegetarian, many are vegan as well as gluten free. 


I am a mom of three kids (all double digits now!) and have enjoyed making creative dishes for years for my family and friends. I finally find myself with the time to post and share photos and recipes. I often get inspiration by looking at what is in my fridge and doing some googling to get an idea- and then I make it my own. My friends know that it is rare for me to write down a recipe and when I choose to make it again, the meal comes out a tad different based on my mood. With this site, I hope to provide some guidance on quantities and ingredients, but hope that you will be inspired to be creative and follow your own cooking instincts!



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