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Baked Pita Chips

We recently ordered take out from a Lebanese restaurant (we all need take out nights!) and they gave us an extra bag of pita bread. It was quickly going stale, so I transformed it into crispy chips that were served with basic hummus, melted brie with raspberry jam and a layered dip with roasted red pepper hummus, pesto and crumbled feta. Easy and delicious snack.


  • Pita bread

  • Olive oil

  • Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder


  1. Cut pita bread into triangles

  2. Mix olive oil in small bowl with spices

  3. Brush bread on both sides with oil mixture

  4. Bake on cookie sheet at 350 degree for ten minutes, flip and bake an additional 5 minutes until crispy and lightly browned

  5. Serve with any dip!


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